How to speak english fluently

There are few tips that help you to speak english fluently. It is not common one like available in other websites. it is practically proved with so many learners who studied in our institute. so you can be one among them.

In the field of Education, English has been established as the main language of writing the syllabus in all the subjects. Therefore, most schools in Chennai are encouraging learners to learn English as their second language of communication. This is being done even in countries where they learn English using their mother tongue. So that they can be able to access learn and speak english lanugage.

Important things to overcome to speak english fluently

  • Mother Tongue Influence(MTI)
  • Translating to English through mind
  • Think and speak method
  • Lack of vocabulary
  • Weak in Grammer
  • UnKnowing about effective communication


If you just make all above weakness to strength, you can easily speak in English fluently with confidence. For which, we suggest you to watch the speeches of Thought leaders, Political leaders of foreign country, Economists, Journalists, spiritual discourse and etc., when you get understood of those speeches, your confidence level will increase and obviously you will start improving and get a thought that you are not speaking bad English.

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