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Learn & Speak English Through Tamil

Here we would like to teach English using learner’s mother tongue of any language. For example, if you are a Tamilian, we will teach you through Tamil language. At the same time, we will not make them completely into translating from one language to another. Normally, this could happen in the initial stage of learner. Later, we make them speak as an English speaker. The method we teach is applicable to any language of learning purpose. If one follow this method, one can understand how to treat a language when you learn it at first time. Not only this, it will help you to speak confidently.

Learning English through Tamil is easy for the people who are having Tamil as a mother tongue. we want to put them into a group where he/she is fully surrounded by English speaking scenarios that will make them think only in English. There are so many ways to indulge with the language. they are writing, reading, listening, watching, thinking and etc., so far, we have trained so many students who had never opened their mouth. we have made them speak little slowly and steadily. over the period of 1 month, they will get enough confidence to speak among public people. so we provide that sort of training where your money will never go waste.

Why so many youngsters who studied in Tamil medium school are getting struggle to speak in English? The reason is that they failed to concentrate when they are at school and colleges. Even now, it is not difficult to speak fluently in English. They need to put some extra effort and spend some more extra time to practice certain things to speak properly. In which, very important things is that pronunciation. while reading, if they get to understand what they are reading. that’s enough. success is nearby. In the beginning, one has to speak slowly and clearly. they should not urge into speaking fast that would make them to commit mistake. So we suggest them some tips to practice regularly for 1 month. that’s it. They can do well.