Importance of communication skill

The importance of English Language and major source of Communication

Communication skill is not meant for English. It is common term for the people to convey the message.

In today’s world, there are thousands of languages spoken, but the English language which originated from England is the most common language in the world. It is one of the effective medium to interact with people. This language spread during the colonization period by the British Empire.  Most of the countries have their local languages. but teach English in their schools for official communication. British being the colonizer of India it had a significant influence on the Indians for speaking in English.

On the internet and most of the websites, materials are written in English. Though some are written in other languages, they will give you an option of translating to English. This makes it easier to read and understand the information if you know English. If one understands English, they can easily communicate. they will never find it challenging to travel around the globe. This is because English is an international language for foreigners and thus people from Chennai will easily get assistance if required.  Also in the world of business, the language will help you to venture in any market that you decide to follow. Some of the employers in Chennai will hire you to work for their companies if the realize you are a good English speaker since most companies want to function at international levels. For those living in Chennai and are not aware of the importance of learning English, this is the right time to start learning.

There are a variety of reasons that make the English language essential for communication in the current Chennai City. First of all, the English language is the most commonly speaking language in the world. Therefore, for one to fully exploit the world they need to learn English. Thus people who come from different countries traveling to Chennai will use English for communication. It is therefore necessary to learn English to get in touch with any people, any where in any parts of the world. For example, we have given some list of places where we require English language to communicate. They are

  • In School
  • In Work place
  • Shopping Mall
  • Airport
  • Visit of other state or countries


Although there are different languages in the world, the majority of the people using English language for communication. They share their thoughts and ideas to other people of different countries in English only. Although they may have their own national or regional language, they still use a common language to understand each other.

Useful in Education

Different countries include the learning of the English language in their curriculum. Children of school age must learn it as their second language.

Useful in Business and Travel

A person who can communicate and understand the English language can travel anywhere around the world. Being an international language, the use of English can assist a person in seeking help and assistance anywhere and anytime. In fact, even a travel-booking websites uses English.

For a business person, English can be beneficial in international business transactions. This person needs to transact with other businesses and governmental organizations in English. If you are looking for a job, a  person needs to know the English language because the employer will mostly prefer someone who speak and write in it.

Useful in Watching Hollywood Movies and TV Shows

With the propensity of people to watch Hollywood movies and show, a person needs to learn the English language to enjoy watching them. In addition, if he wants to work in the entertainment industry, he needs to learn English.